FACBEOOK MARKETING AND ADVERTISING COURSESFacebook with an active global user base of over 1.65 billion is an exciting place for marketers. You can reach out to all your customers through Facebook. It can help you with precise targeting, measurement and building your brand. Facebook can also help you get real time feedback for your content, and can help you engage with your customers and build brand loyalty. Running a campaign on Facebook is simple as you'll learn in this section through a series of animated 2 minute videos. 

In this section learn how you can promote your products and services on Facebook, implement Facebook pixels or create and manage a page that can help your business.

Facebook Pixel basicsThe Facebook pixel allows you to place a single pixel across your entire website to report conversions, build audiences and get rich insights about how people use your website. 

In this course learn more about the advantages of the Facebook pixel and how to create and install a Facebook pixel.

Facebook AdsFacebook allows you to run highly targeted ads that can help you reach your customers quickly. It can help you increase sales, generate mass awareness, boost engagement, increase local sales, drive app installs or generate leads for your business.

In this section, we'll learn on how to run ads on Facebook.